Moise Hamaoui - Founder

Moise Hamaoui

Mr. Moise Hamaoui, who founded FineTest in 1990, had introduced his first Power Supply Tester in 1979. Mr.Hamaoui has been involved in automated testing since 1970, including semiconductor testing, AC Source, DC Source, Loads, Matrix, Voltage and Timing Measurement design. He has shipped over 600 Power Supply Testers in the span of 30 years. He received his BSEE from Syracuse University, NY and MSEE from Santa Clara University, CA

The Hamaoui Brothers, 3H Industries - 1975

Moise and Halfon Hamaoui

In the early 1970's Moise Hamaoui and his brother Halfon Hamaoui founded 3H Industries. 3H produced over 400 Automated Power Supply Testers worldwide, for both the Commercial and Military/Aerospace industries.

Building on Hammerwood Ave in Sunnyvale, CA - 1978

Moise and Halfon Hamaoui

3H Industries was located in Sunyvale, CA in an 18,000 sf facility built by the Hamaoui brothers. This was also the original location of FineTest, before moving to Florida in 1996.

3H Prodigy PT900 Power Supply Testers (1979-1987)

Original PT900

Brochure for the first 3H PT900 Series Power Supply Testers.

3H Prodigy PT900
A typical system in the early 1980's.

3H Prodigy PT900
A typical system in the mid 1980's.

US Army
A system for the US Army.

US Air Force
A system for the US Air Force.

Some instruments designed by Moise at 3H Industries

Electronic AC Source

The Series 3000 Electronic AC Source.

Swinger One Electronic Load

The first electronic load in the industry,
this is the original Swinger One Electronic Load.

Swinger Two Electronic Load

The improved Swinger Two Electronic Load.

Mult-Load Electronic Load

The Multi-Load Electronic Load.

FineTest 1990 - today

Developing the FineTest FT600

With the introduction of the HP electronic load, the opportunity emerged to design a new power supply tester using all HP equipment. HP equipment guarantees both high reliability and repeatability, and also takes advantage of the vast HP infrastructure and worldwide sales and service support. All tests and measurements are easily verified as the tester is using the same equipment as the engineer's lab bench.
Moise immediately begins development of a new HP Platform Based Power Supply Tester in HP Rocky Mountain Basic.

FineTest FT600

The first FineTest FT600 Series Power Supply Tester - 1990.
A new Power Supply Tester based on a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Platform.

Nessim Hamaoui

In 1992, Moise was joined by his son Nessim Hamaoui.
Nessim implemented the FineTest Test Software on the National Instruments LabWindows and LabView platforms, as shown in this EE Magazine AD in 1992. Nessim has been involved in both hardware and software for Power Supply Testing for 30 years and has delivered over 150 Power Supply Testers.
Nessim received his BSEE from Florida International University and his MSEE from the University of North Florida.

FineTest Facility 5 Hargrove Grade

In 1996, FineTest headquarters move from Sunnyvale, CA to Palm Coast, FL
The California and Florida offices unite at the new 10,000 sf FineTest building at 5 Hargrove Grade.

FineTest Facility 1 Industry Drive

In 2006, FineTest moves across the street to the building at 1 Industry Drive.

Today, FineTest Power Supply Testers are used worldwide in such diverse end-product companies as IBM, Lucent Technologies, Ascom Energy Systems, Marconi Communications, the US Air Force and US Navy...